Sandra Drake – Where’s the Other Half

Sandra's yummy rendition of Where's the Other Half is machine quilted with a silk batting, which she says it derserved! Here are Sandra's thoughts on Where's the Other Half: "When Small Blocks, Stunning Quilts was published in 2008, I knew I had to make this quilt. I have collected Civil War Era Reproduction fabrics, mostly fat quarter collections, since they first came out many years ago. Since brown is my very favorite color, I decided on a red, pink, brown and crème (shirtings, too) color scheme. I went through my repro stash and pulled out everything I had in those colors (which was more than I thought!)... and along the way, bought more repros. Why not? I made several strips, hung them on my design wall, would look at them and in the coming months, would make a few more strips, put the strips together… and thought this will NEVER get finished. In early 2012, my local quilt guild had an exchange of half-quarter triangles (much larger!) and I got busy with that - all the while my little 1" half-square triangle strips were hanging there, staring at me. After finishing the guild exchange, I got back to my little triangles with a vengeance. The closer I got to the last strip, I didn't want it to end, but if I kept on, I was going to lose the 'ambiance' of the quilt size. I was going to keep count of the different fabrics, but I decided I didn't really care how many fabrics I used... and no one else needed to know! I turned it over to my long-arm quilter in May and asked her to work her magic. She did - hanging diamonds. You see the quilting, but yet you don't. I love the quilt. And just as I finished, word was out Mary Elizabeth and Biz had another book coming out, Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts... Oh, me..." Sounds like Sandra totally understands the whole concept of "Where's the Other Half"! Once you start, you don't want to stop!


  1. Joy V says...

    What a fantastic quilt – love the choice of colours.

  2. Sharon says...

    These quilts are incredible. Bravo.
    I am a new member of the spa society.

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