Basting Thread Tip

I have been working on some delightful hexies for a new project and want to share with you my hint for basting thread.


When doing clothing mending on my machine, I load up a bobbin for the job, and in an attempt to not run out of thread mid-mend, I put on a little more than I might need.  Rather than having loads of bobbins occupied with small amounts of thread, I unwind those ends onto an old large wooden spool that I have been using for this purpose for over 35 years!


Basting thread


Haven't seen the middle of the spool for years, and clearly I needed the bobbin with the white thread on it for some other colour, given the amount that is on the spool, but I always have basting thread on hand and don't feel like I am wasting thread!


Have a great week


Happy Stitching!


  1. anita says...

    Most brilliant!

  2. Linda Collins says...

    l have just started doing this recently after deciding that l was wasting too much thread cleaning out bobbins. Love the fabrics in your hexi’s. How do you find basting through the paper? l have a method of basting hexi’s that does not require basting through the paper. Happy to show you a photo if your interested. Its quick and easy with the same results.

  3. Gayle says...

    Brilliant! I’ll have to give this a try!

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