Happy New Year!

Welcome 2015!


Thank you to everyone for your comments about the Twelve Quilts of Christmas.  I thought it would be nice to carry on with just one more as a way to sparkle into the new year! I found it this past week and it captured my small piece loving heart!  I adore that it is light, airy and that it sparkles ever so softly.




I wish you all joy and health and a sparkling New Year.


Happy Stitching!

Mary Elizabeth

Merry Christmas

IMG_3884.JPG Wishing a very Merry Christmas Day to all!

Twelve Quilts of Christmas – #12

Day 12

Mariner’s Compass Variation, Sally Beaird Lewellin, c. 1885. 62″ x 78″. Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin, via The Quilt Index.


Technically not a star, but known by many other names such as Sunburst and Mariner’s Compass Variation, it feels like a star to me!  I love the checkerboard points, the thoughtful placement of colour that makes the quilt dazzling, the careful piecing and the contrast of the loose vine border that compliments nicely the intensity of the stars.  And those little tiny cornerstone starbursts … be still my heart.


Thank you for joining me this year for the Twelve Quilts of Christmas 2014!


I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season!




Twelve Quilts of Christmas – #11

Source unknown.  Via Cdn.Firespring.com.

Source unknown. Via Cdn.Firespring.com.



Not your typical feathered star, setting or border treatment, but I it is perfect as it is and I love it!  Yeah for narrow bindings!



Twelve Quilts of Christmas – #10

Feathered Stars Quilt, Maker Unknown. c. 1830.  Stella Rubin Antiques, via Pinterest.

Feathered Stars Quilt, Maker Unknown. c. 1830. Stella Rubin Antiques, via Pinterest.


What a successful arrangement.  My eyes are staying engaged as I look at this one.  The setting seems square, then again it seems to have more of a round feeling to it, and then the four full red setting squares help create the sense of a medallion.  Do your eyes dance around this quilt?