Small Blocks, Stunning Quilts
$26.95 USD
Making full size quilts from lots and lots and lots of small blocks is highly addictive and has been a wonderful journey for the both of us. Join us as you play and explore the possibilities, creating small-scale blocks that dazzle and combining them to become stunning large-scale quilts.
  • Inspiring photos of quilts from private collections and rarely seen masterpieces held in public collections.
  • 10 exquisite bed-sized projects or use the blocks in small quilts if you prefer “Batch work” instructions in each project – work in short blocks of time to stay organized
  • Indulge your passion for nineteenth-century reproduction fabrics, or interpret the designs in your own fabric style as you create gorgeous large quilts with small blocks.
Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts
$26.99 USD
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Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts is an exciting follow-up, to our bestselling book Small Blocks, Stunning Quilts, and features 10 projects for large, striking quilts made with small pieces. Slow down and savour the creative process with us as you use “batch work” and helpful tips that will keep you organized from start to finish.
  • Enjoy rarely seen photos of antique quilts, plus a brief historical perspective on small-pieced designs
  • Choose from 10 eye-popping quilt patterns that spotlight reproduction fabrics
  • Find expert cutting and stitching advice and inventive construction techniques