Everyone is Creative!  Sometimes, people just need a little encouragement and information. And that is exactly what my workshops and lectures provide. They are inspiring and engaging, with loads of information, featuring colourful and distinctive quilt samples in a fun, creative atmosphere.

Drawing on my extensive quilting and design knowledge, 
I communicate concrete and abstract ideas, and provide clear instructions, allowing students to readily grasp concepts. Respecting each individual’s artistic process, I offer technical knowledge, while demonstrating innovative construction techniques and easily transferable skills.

“I spent a wintery Saturday in February at a workshop with Mary Elizabeth, learning how to fussy cut and construct hexagon blocks. I found Mary Elizabeth
 to be a well-prepared and generous teacher. She encouraged us to examine her lovely sample quilt and by the end of the day I was confident I could go home and complete the quilt under my own steam.” – Patricia

I have taught students of all ages and skill levels, locally and internationally. My workshops, like my approach to creativity and quilting, are relaxed but structured. Ensuring instructions meet each student’s skill level, I guide them in developing their personal creative vocabulary allowing them to freely express their ideas through their work. Did you know that colours can be “chewy”, some designs can be bossy or what make fabrics “play well together”?

“We recently hosted two workshops with Mary Elizabeth. Her gentle approach to providing individual assistance meant students felt both encouraged and excited about their progress. In some situations teachers may be less open to share information not directly related to the class subject, not so here! Mary Elizabeth’s open approach and sharing of her knowledge and experience left participants saying ‘I wish I’d signed up for both classes’ and ‘when can we have her back again?’ It was a great pleasure to share a couple of days with her!” – Lee Glendening, Owner, Two Thimbles Quilt Shop

My own work is influenced by a deep respect for the quilting tradition, classic design training, and a keen sense of design and colour. I like to break the rules by stretching traditional boundaries, and I love creating exciting quilts with small pieces and enticing quilting designs. Quilts are only quilts once the three layers are stitched together. This third, often overlooked, element of the quilt powerfully impacts my work. During this final stage of a project, my needle drawing the thicknesses together, you will often find me running my hand over completed areas of work in tactile celebration.

Please contact me to discuss which workshops and/or lectures will best meet the needs of your group.