Mickey Mowry – Kathy’s Quilt

Mickey's version of "Kathy's Quilt" took her about 40 hours to make.  She said that once she started, she couldn't stop.  I think she now knows about the addictive part of small pieces!  Welcome Mickey!  


  1. Donna Addison says...

    Wow Mickey, this is great. So proud of you.

  2. Kathy Metelica says...

    Nicely done Mickey. I own the original “Kathy’s Quilt” and I love it when someone reproduces something old and makes it there own.

  3. Susan Wellington Walker says...

    I think the simple 9-patch with the stip-pieced border, all in greens, was what put me in a swoon over this one! So simple, yet, so fascinating to see the many different greens, one of my favorite colors. I’m ready to do my own version using sage, moss, forest, and dark pine greens in a 9-patch. All solids – of which I have b-zoodles, especially in my green palette – would be stunning too.

  4. Karen Gerbig says...

    What size are the nine patches? Is there a certain size that makes you a SPA member? Love the quilts.

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