Twelve Days of Christmas – #12

Kukui, Molokai-Kukui O Lanikaula, c. 1950-1975, Hawaiian Quilt Research Project/The Quilt Index. Made by Mary Wahineokalani Sylva Lee.


Okay, technically it will be a few more years until this quilt classifies as an antique, but it is so striking I just had to include it and it definitely classifies as mesmerizing!  It reminds me of snowflakes cut from folded paper!  I love, love, love it.  A Hawaiian quilt is now on my bucket list (something I never would have said two months ago!).  I think the motifs look like hollies leaves and berries and I adore the little hearts at the centre!


Merry Christmas and all best wishes for a wonderful New Year!


Mary Elizabeth



  1. Stunning! And I’m with you….I never thought I’d ever attempt a Hawaiian quilt, but I’ve seen some others lately, and now this one, and I’m rethinking my position! lol And it’s funny, I look at this all green quilt, but my eyes are seeing those as red berries…..then I have to blink to get back to green! Crazy! And those little hearts totally make this quilt!

    Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful quilts with us! I’ve never had so much fun counting down the 12 days before! Merry Christmas!

  2. Roos says...

    Waauw, what a great quilt,did she made it out of one piece og green fabric?

  3. laurie says...

    I love Hawaiian quilts. I also have always wanted to make one, but since I hate hand applique it seems doubtful. I started a pillow 10 years ago and it is only half done !

  4. supergoof says...

    Heel veel GELUK in 2013 from The Netherlands!!
    :o )

    • mekinch says...

      Happy New Years to you too!

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